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Rent Range Rover Velar in Dubai to

indulge in the world of finesse with this most beautiful car on the planet!

Only fifty years have passed since the first Range Rover was unveiled... And here it is, released in 2017... The one that overcame other models in its family by technical specifications and price. The one that is eagerly hired by the most discerning clients. But that’s not all...

In its elegance, this car has overcome other vehicles. The Range Rover Velar is synonymous with design excellence and heightened luxury. Driving this SUV along the UAE roads, you think about something unearthly and superior.

Absolute versatility

This off-roader is brutal, agile and somewhat savage. It’s very unlikely that thrill seekers would refuse to hire it and experience all its power. On the other hand, you can’t but notice endeavours of the designers in delivering a vehicle with smoother lines in the body and more elegant cabin.

Despite its controversy, the car managed to retain the Range Rover “family” features. The Range Rover Velar has been judged the most beautifully designed vehicle on the planet, winning the World Car Design of the Year title at the 2018 World Car Awards.

Elegance and simplicity in harmony

The task was to create a Range Rover with an elegant simple design avoiding any pretentiousness. This setup virtually removes every knob or button in the cabin. And the new control panel is alluring. No pressing but sensing every touch. That’s what you feel looking at the innovative Touch Pro Duo infotainment technology.

The cabin is impeccable: the driver and passengers feel very cozy thanks to seat massaging, ventilation, easy control panel with numerous features and other extras. Driving this car across Dubai is pure pleasure! The cabin comfort is complemented by perforated Windsor leather.

Powerful and manageable

The Range Rover Velar is easily handled by the driver thanks to reliable safety systems. You may feel protected in any adverse or challenging conditions.

Technical specifications are not less striking: the car is equipped with a 3 L V6 supercharged engine with an output of 380 HP. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds and reach a top speed of up to 250 km/h.

Renting the Range Rover Velar from Dubaicarental in the UAE is an opportunity to experience exceptional power and assurance that sets every car proudly known as the Land Rover apart from the crowd!


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