Terms and conditions

EXOTIC D CAR CAR RENTAL LLC (hereinafter DCR) is a company that provides rental services for cars of different classes in the United Arab Emirates. This is a Limited Liability Company registered in Dubai, the license registration number is 801364.

Reservation Terms

Car booking is made by phone, WhatsApp, Telegram or via the order form on the website www.DCR.ae.

Complete Calculation

After a customer has booked a car for one or several days, the full rental fee will be charged to him after the reserved car is delivered to him.


It is necessary to leave a deposit from 3,000 dirham to 10,000 dirham, depending on the age of the driver and the cost of the car. A deposit is needed to pay for possible fines. The deposit is returned 25 days after the customer returns the car.

Payment Methods

The company accepts cash, VISA and MasterCard credit cards, Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Alternative Suggestions

If at the time of contacting the company the car of interest to the client is already booked by another client, the company may offer several alternative options of the same class and the same price category.

Lease Delay

If the client did not return the car in accordance with the agreed deadlines, the company has the right to pay damages at the expense of the client in accordance with the tariffs indicated on the website.

Renewing Hours

A client can renew a lease if at the time of his appeal on this occasion the specified car will not be booked by the next client.

Postponement of a lease

If the client decides to postpone the lease term to an earlier or later date, the company will meet him halfway if there is no vehicle reservation for that date from another client. It is necessary to notify the company about the change in the lease terms no later than 48 hours from the originally agreed period.


Cancellation of a reservation is possible only when the client contacts the company no later than 48 hours before the agreed time.


The company issues a comprehensive vehicle insurance. This makes it possible to compensate for the expense of the insurance company losses in the event of an accident, but on condition that the client along with the car waited for the police at the scene of the accident and received a police report on the accident. Otherwise, the liability for the damage to the company lies directly with the client.


Rent a car is provided if the client has a valid driver's license and passport, which he must present to the representative of the company. At the time of renting a car, the driver must be over 25 years old; he must show his driver's license, which expire no earlier than 3 years from the current date. Similar requirements are imposed on the rights of the second driver.

Optional equipment

If a client needs additional equipment (child car seat, roof rack, trailer, and so on), he should discuss this point in advance with the company when booking the car. The cost of renting additional equipment is not included in the rental price and is charged separately.


DCR is responsible for the technical condition of the transport provided, the competence and proper behavior of its employees, as well as the quality of providing additional services, including the services of a personal driver, concierge, and the organization of holidays.

DCR is not responsible for illegal actions of a client: driving while intoxicated, presenting false documents (passport or driver's license) and other actions that are against the law.

Privacy & Terms of Use

Use of personal data

User personal data is used in the following cases:

  • When processing applications for a rental vehicle.
  • When sending newsletters to users about news, promotions, great deals and so on.

In general, no information is required to visit our site - information on the site is available to everyone without registration.

In order to improve performance and provide maximum functionality to our site, we process data that the visitor’s web browser transmits to us. Among such data are: date and time of the site visit, web browser settings, information about the OS and IP address.

In order to process a car rental application, we may need personal customer data: last name, first name, age, address, telephone number, email, credit card information, driver's license and passport.

Transfer of personal data

Processing of applications for rental cars is made directly by the staff of our company, and the data transmitted by the client are not disclosed to anyone. However, we reserve the right to use customer data to send them an information newsletter (see the “Newsletter” section).

Data Protection

To securely protect your customers' personal data, all applications for rental cars and related payment transactions are processed using a secure HTTPS connection using modern encryption technology (SSL / TLS).

If the web browser uses a secure connection when visiting a webpage, then https, not http, will be written in the browser bar, and the lock icon will be shown next to it in the closed position. Typically, the lock and part of the browser line with a secure connection are painted in green.

Use of cookies

The DCR website partially uses cookies. These are small text files that are transmitted by the site to the visitor’s web browser and are stored on the visitor’s computer so that it can quickly return to the server if necessary.

Cookies track the visitor’s actions on the site, transitions from page to page, record the end of the visit and the duration.

In addition, using cookies, we collect information about the preferences of visitors and, subsequently, using special technologies (see the section “Using Google Remarketing”), we provide them with advertisements that may interest them.

At the same time, cookies do not collect or store personal data of visitors and customers, nor do they contribute to the recognition or clarification of such data.

Using Google Remarketing

The DCR website uses the Google Analytics feature to analyze visitors' activities and provide them with ads that might interest them. Information collected using this feature is sent to a Google server in the USA and stored there. At the same time, before sending the IP-addresses of visitors are encrypted by reducing, which increases their anonymity. Sometimes an IP address can be sent to the server in its original form and is encrypted there.

At the request of a website, Google uses information about its visitors to evaluate their activity and analyze actions, and also compiles a report on the activities of the website itself to provide services that are associated with this website and using the Internet, and also directly to the operators of this website.

The IP address that is received from the user's browser for use in Google Analytics will not be matched with other data of this user available on Google.


DCR reserves the right to send information about news, offers, promotions and other events of the company through the mailing list. For distribution, we use email addresses that customers provide to us when they make a car rental application. At any time the recipient has the right to unsubscribe.

Privacy Policy Change

DCR reserves the right to change the privacy policy in order to adapt it to new functions and services that have appeared on the website, as well as changes in the legal situation in the country. The current version of the privacy policy is current at the time of visiting our website.

Complaints and Grievances

Complaints and claims for the company's work are accepted electronically at [email protected].