About us

DCR (Dubai Car Rental) is a company that has been on the market for five years now and specializes in leasing cars of various classes and providing complementary rent-related services.

If you think that renting a car, in particular a premium-class car, is only affordable for high-income people, you're wrong. Have a look at our price-list to see that the price range is just as wide as the selection of cars on offer — we will find you a car on good terms, just let us know what they are.

We can offer you cars of famous global brands — fitting every taste and wallet. Do you need an elegant executive sedan, a fast sports car, a reliable SUV or a roomy minivan? No problem, we'll give you anything you want!

It's much more than just renting

You can choose to have a car parked at the airport and start enjoying your vacation immediately after you get off your plane. If you doubt you can freely drive around a city you don't know, you can rent a car with an experienced driver. If you're in Dubai on business, we can offer you a whole range of premium-class cars that will emphasize your status for your partners which will surely support your business success.  

You can also rent limousines and buses or hire a personal concierge. But that’s not all. Our company can help you to arrange a celebration of your dreams. Anything you want!

DCR is the best cars at the best price! Call us any time!

Our policy is your satisfaction

We deal with all the paperwork required for rental purposes and provide you with an insurance policy. We ensure regular maintenance for all cars in our fleet, so you don't have to worry about the quality of your trips.

DRC (Dubai Car Rental) has earned an excellent reputation among its customers for the high level of service and is one of the leaders on the car rental market. We're always there for you while you're using our services and will always support you. Our employees are available on the phone 24/7, and all issues are resolved by experts — it's always under control!


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