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Rent a Mercedes S560 in Dubai - comfort and safety for a brutal handsome man!

If you do not have your own transport in the United Arab Emirates and want to rent a first-class car, then pay attention to the bright representative of the Mercedes family - the S560 premium sedan. You won't regret your choice! In Dubai rent a vip segments.

This magnificent car looks both charismatic and brutal. You won't get lost in the drab routine of Dubai or London, and you won't get lost in the huge parking lot of the mall. It can be seen even from a distance.

Convenience is the key word when describing the S560. You will not feel any discomfort even on long trips. Inside, there is an almost ostentatious luxury feel with leather, wood and metal surfaces. Sophisticated ergonomics and elegant design are the hallmarks of Mercedes cars with the famous three-pronged emblem.

The sedan is equipped with many modern gadgets that provide the driver and passengers with maximum comfort and maximum safety. Two large color screens on the central panel, scattered information buttons, high-quality interior leather - this whole design ensemble looks like a single whole. A huge number of systems are responsible for safety, from modest ABS to sophisticated technologies that simultaneously monitor the driver's condition and general movement and, if necessary, can provide assistance in an unforeseen situation.

The "heart" of the brutal Mercedes is a 4-liter V8 engine with 469 hp. Paired with a 9-speed automatic, it accelerates to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds. Want to get behind the wheel and feel its boundless power? Then forward - towards the wind! Dubai rent an elite segment.

Renting an S560 with DCR, UAE is a unique opportunity to experience all the benefits of the legendary brand. "It doesn't matter what you drive if you don't have a Mercedes" - the golden rule for style icon lovers!


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