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Rent a Mercedes G500 Brabus Body Kit in Dubai - "bestial power" under your control! 

To make your vacation in the United Arab Emirates truly bright, unforgettable and full of positive emotions, rent a powerful and stylish SUV Mercedes G500 Brabus to conquer the most difficult tracks. Dubai premium car rental.

Gelandewagen is undoubtedly a car associated with high status and has been of interest to many drivers for almost 40 years. During this time, he repeatedly changed, eventually acquiring a completely new look that would satisfy the tastes of the most demanding fans of the brand.

Brabus, one of the largest and most famous tuning studios in the world, has released a special aerodynamic body kit for the Mercedes G500. If the base model of Mercedes causes mixed feelings for many, then the Brabus version, even in black, only delights.

A confident and unwavering SUV, his intentions are unmistakable. The atelier completed its work by 100 percent - the designer's idea was a success. The G500 Brabus is more than just a car. By the way, at the Dubai International Motor Show 2013, one of the versions was presented as a modified police car that successfully combines safety and driving pleasure.

The appearance of an SUV belies its temperament, but its real strength lies in its performance. The heart of the Brutal is an unmodified turbocharged V8 that produces an impressive 422 horsepower. Coupled with a 9-speed automatic, this car accelerates to hundreds in just 5.9 seconds, despite its "square exterior". Drive and experience amazing sensations! In Dubai luxury car rental.

Renting a G500 Brabus body kit from Dubai Car Rentals, UAE is a unique opportunity to experience all the benefits of the legendary brand. "It doesn't matter what you drive if you don't have a Mercedes" - the golden rule of style lovers!


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