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Super speed and luxury in the form of the incredible Ferrari SF90, which won the hearts of many drivers and became one of the most famous hypercars of all time. This is the perfect car to enjoy life in Dubai.

Under the hood, this handsome man has 780 l / s, with such a herd, he is able to shoot from a standstill to the first hundred in 2.5 seconds, and from the start he will reach the second hundred in 6.7 seconds. Driving a Ferrari SF90 is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Its maximum speed is 340 kilometers per hour.

The Ferrari SF90 has very powerful specifications and is equipped with a unique hybrid power plant - based on an eight-cylinder V-turbocharged petrol unit, which makes it extremely powerful. Ferrari have gone a step further and invented advanced technology that gives the engine more power and increases the volume of the combustion chamber by 4 liters. As a result, its maximum power is now 780 hp. at 7,500 rpm, and the maximum torque is 800 Nm at 6,000 rpm.

Beautiful design and first-class cabin comfort can drive anyone crazy. It fits in perfectly with the futuristic architecture and highways of Dubai. Its advanced aerodynamics allow it to penetrate space almost effortlessly and blast through air currents at breakneck speed from the start.

Feel like a king on the track with our car rental in Dubai. The powerful engine and the frenetic energy of the hypercar will not leave anyone indifferent. Give yourself an unforgettable trip.


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