Rental conditions and process, car rental in Dubai – Learn more in the DCR blog

1. To sign a rental agreement, you need driving license and a passport or an ID

2. Payment for car rental is accepting by credit/debit card, cash, link payment & cryptocurrency payment.

3. We hold a deposit. The amount depends on the age of the driver, as well as on the brand and model of the car.

- From 3000 aed to 5000 aed. Except Lamborghini Aventador SVJ & Ferrari SF90 - 15000 aed, (10000 of them will give back at car collecting time)

- The deposit can be paid by cash, credit/debit card, cryptocurrency & Link payment

- The deposit will be refounded after 21 days

4. The daily mileage of the car is 250 km. except of Lamborghini Aventador SVJ & Ferrari SF90 - 180 km

5. Driver’s age should be more then 21 years old. Except for luxury and sport cars - 25 years.

6. Pricelist: