How to choose the right car rental company? – Lean more in the DCR blog

Renting a car is a popular service that is very convenient for tourists and businessmen. Thousands of various cars are rented in the world on a daily basis. In Dubai, this service is one of the most popular.

It has created a whole bunch of car rental companies on the market. How do you make the right choice in this multitude — not to pay too much, to get a high-quality service and not to fall victim to con artists? There are a few criteria you should pay attention to.  Let's review these criteria and verify Dubai Car Rental against them in the process.


  1. Experience. If you don't want to experiment and want to be sure it's going to be OK, select a company that has been active for at least 3 years. It'll rule out the chance of falling victim to scam artists.  For instance, Dubai Car Rental has been on the market since 2013.

  2. Reputation. Positive customer reviews are equally important — browse for them online.  If a company is criticized all the time, don't work with it. You should also remember that negative reviews are more frequent because when a customer is satisfied with the service, they usually don't write reviews.  If, however, a problem arises, people immediately want to inform the whole world about it. As for Dubai Car Rental, our company has a lot of positive reviews from customers from all over the world.

  3. Price-list and pricing policy.  Don't overpay for something you can get at a lower price with the same quality. If a company inflates prices, there's no point in working with it. Dubai Car Rental offers you affordable rental rates because it treats its customers with respect. In addition to prices, it's worth paying attention to the pricing policy, e. g. discounts for long-term rentals and prices of optional services.

  4. Fleet.  A good company must have a good selection of cars — fitting every taste, color and wallet.  If a company owns about 10 cars, it means it's not good enough and you'd better look for another one.  For instance, Dubai Car Rental can offer you 6 classes of cars: luxury, business, sports, limos, SUV and economy class. We own a lot of cars in each class, and our customer can choose the most suitable option.

  5. Development.  If a company makes no headway and does not grow, it's a sign of recession, even if its operations are sustainable enough.  It's best to select a firm that is continuously moving forward. Our company has been actively growing: thus, we've become more active on social media, launched a new website a short while ago and continued to expand our fleet, etc.

  6. Professionalism and customer treatment.  Before you make an order, call the company and talk to a manager, ask some questions and analyze how they're answered.  If the employee is polite and happy to help, it means you're valued here. The company's employee must be well informed about all issues — otherwise, they're not professional enough. In Dubai Car Rental, we're always happy to help you, we value every customer and know our business perfectly well!

  7. Package of optional services.  If a company can offer you optional services in addition to car rental services, it's a good company.  For instance, Dubai Car Rental offers personal driver services, reception at the airport, personal concierge services, party arrangements and a limousine with a driver hire services.


Above, we've listed criteria you should take into account when selecting a car rental company.  In brief, the company must be experienced, with a good reputation, affordable prices, a large fleet, always growing, offering optional services and taking care of its customers.

Dubai Car Rental is just like that. Therefore, when you select a car rental firm in Dubai, turn your attention to our company.on us. If you're having doubts, browse for reviews online.If in doubt-read reviews about us on the Internet. If you've got questions, call us and we'll be happy to help!