Penalties for traffic violations in Dubai – Learn more in the DCR blog

The quality of highways in Dubai is impeccable. When compared to roads in Russia, it's just worlds apart.

It's only natural that the perfectly smooth road surface is a real temptation for the Russian tourists; however, we still recommend keeping your emotions in check and keep yourself well in hand.  Fines for road traffic offenses in Dubai could drain your purse very rapidly.


We'll start off by mentioning an unusual method of registering road traffic offenses — the so-called Black Points.  If a driver is given 24 or more Black Points over a year, they will be stripped of their driver's license for 3 months.  If it happens again, the license revocation period will be twice as long — up to six months. The third time, the license will be revoked for a year and will only be returned if the driver successfully passes a driving course. Black Points are only used for drivers with local driver's licenses, but it won't hurt if tourists also know about this system.


- Speed infringement.

- Exceeding speed by up to 20 km/h — a fine of AED 300 (about $ 85).
- Up to 30 km/h — AED 600.
- Up to 40 km/h — AED 700.
- Up to 50 km/h — AED 1,000.
- Up to 60 km/h — AED 1,500, 6 bla Black Points, confiscation for 15 days.
- Over 60 km/h — a fine of AED 2,000 (about $ 550), 12 Black Points and car confiscation for 30 days.
- If a driver exceeds the speed limit by over 80 km/h, they will lose AED 3,000 (about $ 800), get 23 Black Points and be left without their car for 60 days.

- Red lights running. This offense is punishable by a fine of AED 1,000 (about $ 275), 12 Black Points and car confiscation for 30 days.  

- Dangerous driving, racing. Reckless drivers are punished by a fine of AED 2,000 (about $ 550) and car confiscation for 60 days.

- Drunk driving. A driver under the influence of drugs is punished by 23 Black Points and car confiscation for 60 days. Drunk drivers lose their car for 90 days.  The fine amount will be determined by the court — it could be up to AED 30,000 (about $ 8,000) — and the offender could be sent to prison for 3 years.

- Driving a car with no license plate. If a car has no license plate, the driver is fined for AED 3,000 (about $ 800), gets 23 Black Points, and the car is confiscated for 90 days.  

- Deliberate noisy driving. If a driver honks for no reason, “screams” with the engine or generates other noises — they will be fined for AED 2,000 (about $ 550) and get 6 Black Points.

- Blocking traffic. If you have stopped on the road and obstructed traffic, you will be fined for AED 1,000 (about $225).

- Erratic maneuver. Turning, making a U-turn or changing lanes without using a turn signal is also punishable by a fine of AED 1,000 (about$225).  

- Unbuckled seat belt and transportation of children on the front seat. These two offenses are equal to the law in terms of punishment — AED 400 (about $ 100) and 4 Black Points.


We have listed the main traffic road offenses that could cost you a fine in Dubai. As you can see, punishment for offending drivers is quite stern: both in monetary and moral terms. Our tip is sticking to the road traffic regulations, avoiding fines and bad mood.

We, on the other hand, are always happy to provide you with an elegant, comfortable and reliable car of any class — call us and spend your time in Dubai in maximum comfort.

Have a nice vacation and a rich experience!