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Rent a Tesla Model X in Dubai! Supercar at your disposal.

Tesla Model X is the greenest, safest and fastest crossover in the world of stock cars and if you want to impress everyone around you while traveling in the UAE, you can't go wrong with renting this electric car.
The futuristic exterior design delights and fascinates. The aerodynamic appearance of the body with sharp LED headlights and an elongated hood, the original bumpers with small air intakes and the company logo make a vivid impression even on the most sophisticated driver.
The rear doors, reminiscent of bird feathers, are also impressive. The rear doors swing open elegantly, as if the Tesla Model X is taking off. At the same time, a special mechanism folds the door almost in half to make getting in and out of the car easier, so the door opens in narrow spaces.
The interior is a completely different matter. Inside the electric car, you will feel like a pilot of an intergalactic ship, gliding along the Dubai highway and rushing in a straight line to the stars. At the front there is a large 17-inch multi-functional touch screen, ergonomic three-row seats with plenty of adjustments and excellent lateral support and, of course, a Tesla logo steering wheel reminiscent of a fighter jet grip.
Model X offers the highest level of security. Various systems and sensors provide complete comfort for the driver and passengers with a clear understanding of road conditions. The electric car is also equipped with an automatic driving function so that the driver can relax and enjoy the environment while driving.
Under the hood of this crossover is a powerful electric motor that produces 772 horsepower and a single-speed gearbox that accelerates the car to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds. Would you like to drive something similar? Then act!
Tesla Model X Hire from DCR Dubai in UAE - With one of the greatest personalities of our time, Elon Musk and his unparalleled creations, you have the opportunity to touch the future today!


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