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Rent Porsche Panamera in Dubai — the "family" sports car at your disposal!

If you're looking for a sports estate car with a roomy boot, snazzy design, an excellent engine and perfect handling at the same time — consider Porsche Panamera. This car is exactly what you need. Hire it and enjoy comfort and safety in any of your trips throughout the UAE!

Recognizable but still individual

Designers have preserved classical traits of the popular swift Porsche appearance in the Panamera: a small rounded hood, puffed fenders, drop-shaped headlamps, a bumper with lots of air intakes for enhancing the cooling and aerodynamics. But despite all this, the car does not lack individuality. Its main distinctive feature is the presence of four full-size doors and a spacious boot which can easily manage the outcome of large-scale shopping or hold several suitcases for an upcoming trip.

Classy and comfortable

Exquisiteness and sports looks are harmoniously blended in the interior. The cabin in the Cockpit style is divided into separate zones with a wide drive shaft — as if you're flying a plane, not driving a car, and just about to take off above the Dubai highway: totally incredible impressions!

Natural leather, wood and metal are used in the interior trim. Designers have meticulously preserved the perfectly recognizable specific Porsche traits, successfully blending them with cutting-edge technological innovations. The Panamera features a multimedia system with a great number of functions allowing both the driver and passengers to adjust the car for their comfort. This fusion of the past and present is truly fascinating!

The front seats are extremely comfortable, fitted with a multitude of settings and with an excellent fixation. The back couch is initially designed for two but can easily hold a third person: there's a lot of space from both sides.

Safe and powerful

The Porsche safety is ensured by a wide number of various sensors and auxiliary systems: ABS, EBA, TCS, DSC and many others providing for your comfort and protection in any trip.

This sports car is equipped with a 3 L V6 engine making 300 HP and an 8 speed robotized transmission allowing the car to gain 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds. Wish to go for a drive? Then you're welcome!

Renting the Panamera from Dubaicarental in the United Arab Emirates is an opportunity to drive a cool car, product of the legendary German corporation founded by famous Ferdinand Porsche!


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