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Rent BMW 530 in Dubai and plunge in 40-year history!

The BMW 530 is a dynamic executive sedan which captivated the world with its elegant design. And you, in turn, can rent it to harness the vast expanses of the UAE, and believe us, you can do it!

Design and technology perfection

For forty years the BMW 5 series has been known for its uncompromisable performance and bursting dynamics. And now it made its way to the pedestal among the most interactive and innovative automobiles. It is the combination of the perfect design, innovative technologies and unequaled control that makes the 5 series able to contend for the work-of-art title and a frequent member of the best motor shows in Dubai and other cities on the planet. This masterpiece produced by the German concern is loved everywhere!

Each BMW model is created with full concentration on smallest details. Even the most demanding drivers have no chance to blame the company for any irrationality. Thanks to intuitive controls and advanced technologies, the 530 sedan not only meets the expectations of the driver but exceeds them!

Perfection in everything

The car is designed with even weight distribution on the axles — 50/50. The chassis is balanced so well that it stays stable in almost any situation enabling you to quickly and confidently maneuver in emergencies.

Under the hood, a 2 L turbocharged engine with 249 HP enables the car to easily accelerate to 100 km/h in 6 seconds. Want to take a ride? Not a problem!

Renting the 530 from Dubaicarental in the UAE is a chance to meet one of the high-profile players of the luxury car market under the BMW brand name. The spirit of the Bavarians is evident through this statement: "The ultimate driving machine" — and that can't be contested!


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