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Mercedes-Benz E‑Class (E200)
Mercedes-Benz E‑Class (E200)
Mercedes-Benz E‑Class (E200)
Mercedes-Benz E‑Class (E200)
Mercedes-Benz E‑Class (E200)
Mercedes-Benz E‑Class (E200)
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$ 219 | 800 AED

Mercedes-Benz E‑Class (E200)

Rent Mercedes E200 in Dubai to drive a masterpiece of intelligence!

You will never forget your stay in the UAE if you hire the classy Mercedes E200 sedan. A younger model in the E-class range, this is a luxury, attractive, practical and safe car with exceptional properties in all respects. It combines the refined style and sportiness with amazing ease, its lines flowing harmoniously, without unnecessary boring correctness and conservatism.

Exquisite luxury

The high level of the interior, like in all Mercedes cars, demonstrates authentic flawless German quality. The cabin of this sedan exudes luxury creating an atmosphere of a five-star hotel of Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The cabin features multimedia with a surround sound system and other useful extras which make the driver and passengers feel first-class. Incredible, individually contoured, “embracing” seats, fine leather scent — this Mercedes is full of temptation you can’t resist.

Reliable intelligence

The E200 features numerous technological advancements, but we would like to highlight two of them. Attention Assist can help sense a driver getting drowsy. Intelligent Drive enhances safety and reduces fatigue: it can bring a car to a halt if it detects an unresponsive driver and give a warning signal.

The car is equipped with a 2 L turbocharged engine delivering 184 HP, and paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission it can reach 100 km/h in just 7.8 seconds and a top speed of 240 km/h!

Renting the E200 from Dubaicarental in the UAE is a unique opportunity to enjoy all advantages of this legendary brand. “No matter what car you drive unless it is a Mercedes,” that’s the golden rule of fans of this design icon!

$ 219 | 800 AED
  • 5-year track record of success.
  • Discount for rent from 3 days
  • We accept cash, VISA and MasterCard, and Bitcoin.
Тип двигателя Бензин, 1991 л
Мощность Мощность: 184 л.с.
Время разгона до 100 км/ч 7.8 секунды
Трансмиссия АКПП 7
Привод Задний
Количество мест 4 места
Используемое топливо Бензин АИ-98
Система навигации есть
Дополнительное оборудование AUX, USB, iPod, Радио, Hands free, Bluetooth
Макс. скорость 240 км/ч