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Rent Dodge in Dubai | DCR (Dubai Car Rental)

Dodge is a car brand owned by the Chrysler corporation. It produces passenger cars, pickups, trucks and minivans.  Impeccable quality and unique style allowed this brand to capture the hearts of car fans.

Dodge was founded by the Dodge brothers and was originally a supplier of parts and assemblies for the automobile industry 14 years later they began building complete automobiles. In 1928 the company was sold to Chrysler.

Dodge is an excellent car to rent in the UAE

Classy, comfortable and reliable Dodge cars are a perfect fit for journeys around the UAE. This legendary brand is worthy of special attention from the most demanding customers. This car will never get lost in the anonymous daily traffic and says a lot about the good taste of its owner.

Would you like to look individual and emphasize your status? A Dodge car is already waiting for you.