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Bentley Continental GT3-R
Bentley Continental GT3-R
Bentley Continental GT3-R
Bentley Continental GT3-R
Bentley Continental GT3-R
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$ 1 000 | 3 650 AED

Bentley Continental GT3-R

Rent Bentley Continental GT3 in Dubai to tame a "beast" in an aristocratic disguise!

The aristocratic exterior can be misleading so watch out if you want to rent a Bentley Continental GT3. In reality, this true English "gentleman" has an unbridled temper and can surprise even inveterate road tamers. You will surely have the brightest memories of your trip to the UAE!

All secrets come out into open

Guys from Crewe revealed to the world a true "beast" by disguising it with a classic English tailcoat. They must have been getting ready for the audience with Her Majesty the Queen of England or, at least, the Emir of Dubai. This is a true aristocrat in the Bentley model line, a dazzling automobile with the speed of a sports car and luxurious elegance of a limousine. It has won over 100 podiums and 45 victories in 528 races in all the world.

As you rent a Continental GT3, you will immediately see the "beastly" nature of this Bentley vehicle. For a millisecond, it halts in the air, getting ready to charge with all its massive weight of 1.3 tons. And during this brief pause, you will get to feel a whole world of incredible emotions. Then it darts off and in 3.8 seconds reaches 100 km/h. It continues to accelerate until it reaches the limited but still unreal maximum speed of 330 km/h!

Of course, you should not forget the "heart of the beast", a 6 L twin-turbocharged V8 engine which playfully puts out 606 HP and makes you rush, wind in your hair, on any highways of Dubai. The release of the Continental GT3 confirms the company's long-term plans in motor racing.

A special compliment to designers

Bentley designers put their minds to comfort and the exterior of the car as well: the luxurious cabin is finished by hand with carbon fiber, Alcantara materials and quality Beluga leather. The design will impress you as much as its dynamic characteristics. It looks even more resolute as ever before!

Renting the Bentley Continental GT3 from Dubaicarental in the UAE is an opportunity to "taste" the perfect premium class vehicle. Its dynamics, comfort and aesthetics will beat all expectations!

$ 1 000 | 3 650 AED
  • 5-year track record of success.
  • Discount for rent from 3 days
  • We accept cash, VISA and MasterCard, and Bitcoin.
Тип двигателя Бензин, 5.998 л
Мощность 606 л.с.
Время разгона до 100 км/ч 3.8 секунды
Трансмиссия АКПП 6
Привод Полный (4WD)
Количество мест 4 места
Используемое топливо Бензин АИ-98
Система навигации есть
Дополнительное оборудование AUX, USB, iPod, Радио, Hands free, Bluetooth
Макс. скорость 330 км/ч